I tell ya,  I am never disappointed with the cuisine at Food Truck Thursday.  This month we had about four trucks at Little Bear’s school.  And just like last time, we sampled more than one menu.

Little Bear was adamant about getting a corn dog again when she saw “the rooster truck”.  But because this is the same thing she had last month, I wanted her to try something new.  Well, this didn’t take much persuading when I read the menu off for her at Saffron JAK.

Saffron JAK pep pizza & lemonadeSaffron JAK offers a simple gourmet twist on America’s favorite – pizza.  Little Bear got the plain pep.  Which as you can see, is not your ordinary pepperoni pizza.  Not only do they go through the trouble of making cute little stars out of the pepperoni, Saffron JAK uses a special uncured pepperoni made from pork shoulder.  And the unique stone bread crust is crunchy with the right about of give.  In my opinion, it makes the pizza.  (Yes, I tried the pizza too…I had to sneak a slice or two! 😉 )

The food was good, the drinks (Hubert’s Lemonade) was cold, and the brothers seemed to be nice guys.

Definitely check the Saffron JAK brother out here.  Their website has a calendar of all the places they will be for the month.


So while I waited with Little Bear at the pizza truck, Mr. O walked over to Jamburritos to order our food.  Jamburritos is a New Orleans Cajun style food truck with a twist.  (haha, I know. I know.  Seemed like every truck does food with a twist but that’s what makes the food so good.)

The menu for this truck definitely is a fusion of the southwest with traditional Cajun fair.

Carne Asada Nachos from JamburritosAnd this is what I mean by that.  This is obviously nachos.

Mr. O ate the Carne Asada Nachos which scream southwest.  But he said the spices used, especially in the sauce in the little black cup, reminded him of New Orleans.  He seemed to have no problem devouring the entire basket with it’s scratch made cheese sauce.


Chicken Jambalaya BowlI had the Chicken Jambalaya Bowl.  Ooh-wee! Was it spicy.  But it was good non the less.  It contains chicken Étouffée, rice and Andouille sausage topped with creole sauce, cheese, and crisp romaine lettuce.  This picture does not do this dish justice in showing the amount of food that you receive.  I was only able to eat about half before I had to step away.

It may have had to do a little with this as well…

Cajun hushpuppies from Jamburritos These hushpuppies are the absolute best I have had outside the South.  They are slightly sweet, onion and yellow corn meal balls of joy that are fried to a nice golden brown.

That sauce, tho!

Shew.  It makes my mouth water just thinking about it.  The folks at Jamburritos have created my favorite tarter sauce of all time.  It’s creamy with the right amount of dill and spicy horseradish.  Yummmmm.

Even if you don’t like spicy or Cajun food,  their hushpuppies are worth a trip to the truck.

Check the menu out here for the Jamburritos Cajun Grille food truck.  And please, hunt them down and give their delicious southwest/Cajun food a try.


Now don’t worry.  We did make a point to enjoy a sweet treat at the end of our meal.

chocolate cone from Mighty MooAs you can see, Little Bear’s cone from Mighty Moo ice cream was just as big as her. 🙂

The gang at Mighty Moo are doing ice cream the right way with their small batch, homemade flavors.

Little’s cone of chocolate was extremely chocolatey…in a good way.  It actually tasted like the real stuff.  No imitation chocolate flavor here.

I opted for strawberry which was equally delish with chunks of real fruit mixed in.

We definitely closed out March’s Food Truck Thursday with a home run.

Follow them on Twitter to get the inside scoop on where the truck will be next!


So till next month, search out these inventive food trucks to try their take on new and old favorites.  And check back the end of April to find out what our little family tried at Food Truck Thursday.


Tina | The Bourbon Cactus

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