I am feeling super motivated today!  It’s crazy I actually look forward to getting up EARLY and working out!

+ + Workout + +

chest/triceps – liift 50/50: I can tell I’m getting stronger.  I was able to go up in weights on my tricep kickbacks and chest flys.  But by the end of the set 2, on all the moves, I was really feeling it.



breakfast: scrambled eggs with spinach and hot sauce, sprouted toast & butter

snack: peaches and recover

lunch:  greek yogurt with mixed berries, honey, and granola

snack: warm spinach salad with brown rice, shredded chicken & evoo

dinner: chicken salad salad, chicken salad sandwich, romaine

supplements: energize, recover, Zija XM+



I did really bad keeping track of nutrition today.

+ + Workout + +

back/biceps – circuit: I upped all my weights today!  It was hard but I still made it happen.  I love weight lifting because I can see the physical results in my muscles as they build.  And it’s just as nice to see the growth on paper as I track my progress!




supplements: energize, recover, Zija XM+, premium tea



Recover days are hard on my nutrition.  It’s not that I eat the wrong things.  It’s that I struggle getting in all that I need because I don’t stick to my schedule like on workout days.

+ + Workout + +

recovery: rest day



breakfast: 2 eggs, gf muffin, steamed broccoli

snack: white peach tea

lunch:  chicken salad salad (x2)

snack: peaches

dinner:  2 hamburger patties, 1 bun, mustard, onion, lettuce, and cucumber & tomato salad

supplements: energize, recover, Zija XM+



I am working my nutrition HARD today.  I am determined to get this figured out.



+ + Workout + +

shoulders – liift intervals: Joel had jokes today….it was nice to have a reason to smile to get through this tough workout.  And I realized I have a hiit move that I LOVE…the jumping knee lift thingys. (LOL!  That’s a good name for them, right??)



breakfast:  scrambled eggs, spinach, mushrooms, brown rice, butter

snack:  peaches & recover

lunch: chicken salad sandwich with lettuce

snack: plant protein shake with pb, banana, and spinach

dinner: chicken, kale & jalapeno quesadilla with a salad topped with shredded chicken

snack: greek yogurt, raspberries, honey, and granola

supplements: energize, recover, Zija XM+



I know I ate my required containers today, but I didn’t keep track of each meal like usual.

+ + Workout + +

legs – liift 50/50: Leg day is a beast!  But, I still like weighted leg day.  It’s the hiit that’s not my fav.  Though, it was all challenging today.  My legs are J-E-L-L-O.




supplements: energize, recover, Zija XM+, premium tea



I’m taking some “me time” today and heading out for some retail therapy.

Being out of the house makes it hard to get in my scheduled meals.  And quite honestly, I forget to eat when I get busy.  I know this is something I need to put more focus on and get better at.


beach, rest day, cardio,


+ + Workout + +

recovery day:  I’m a bit sore today but I still want to move around so I opted for a nice walk on the beach with the fam this evening after dinner.



breakfast: scrambled eggs with kale, mushrooms, and jalapenos, sweet potato fries, butter & coconut oil

snack: —

lunch: 20 oz almond mocha from Smoothie King

snack: —

dinner: side salad w/ a splash of balsamic dressing, 2 cheese bombs, buffalo chicken, blackened grouper

supplements: Zija XM+, premium tea




I really wanted to get in some yoga today or at least a good stretch.  But honestly, I struggle BIG TIME with time management on the weekends.  I let myself sleep in a little bit and I really shouldn’t.  I should get up like normal and get my workout in early.  But I don’t and I end up wrapped up in family activities the entire day.

Since it’s the last kinda chill day before school starts on Tuesday, we are having a family treat day and watching a movie – Little Bear’s choice – and having a “snack party”.  It’s cheat day, so it should be fine.


+ + Workout + +

recovery: rest day



breakfast: 1 egg cup, turkey sausage links, steamed broccoli

snack: apple, medium iced latte

lunch: salad with shredded chicken and oil and vinegar

snack: snack bag of potato chips, big reese’s cup

dinner: “snack party”

supplements: Zija XM+


Final Thoughts

Being totally transparent, I sucked at keeping my journal this week.  (Make sure you are following me on Insta for a closer day-in and day-out look at my journey.) 

Overall, I am still in the process of getting my nutrition under control.  I did implement timed-nutrition all week – except for recovery days, those days are difficult to keep on schedule because of no set schedule.

I’m still not ecstatic with my results, thus far.  Since the beginning, I have gained 0.6-pounds and 1.25-inches overall.

I’m not sure if it’s my nutrition that is hindering me or the fact that I have let a majority of my recovery days end up as rest days.  I am going to keep plugging along though.  I am DETERMINED to be successful.  Though, I do understand that muscle growth can affect both inches and weight.  But it still gets frustrating none the less.


I still have lots of lessons left to learn in my health and fitness journey.

And it OKAY.

It’s a journey.  We peaks and valleys.

I’m using this whole experience to learn more about my own body and about ways to health others.

If you want to start your own journey, I would love to help guide you.  Like I said, I’m not perfect and I’m still learning, but I KNOW the journey is better with company and we can learn together! 

If you want to just jump in, visit here.

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