It’s Tuesday again.  Which really is just another Monday.  But anyway, let’s get this thing rollin’…

1.  It’s Fall.  (duh!)  No really.  It is officially fall here in the southwest.  Now I know the rest of the world has already been blessed with cooler temps and dreams of beautiful landscapes of golden yellow, orange, and plum.   Here in the desert, though, it has very much still been summer.  (Okay, not really because we all know the official first day of fall was last week.  But you know what I mean.)  But now…!  This week!  Cooler temperatures have crept in, signally the start of the fall season and all things that accompany it. (Whoop! Whoop!)  My heart has been elated with the semi cool – almost chilly – mornings and warm afternoons with calming breezes.  Now, let’s just move in some big maple trees and a nice large rolling field full of pumpkins and next door and I’ll be set.

2.  Primetime TV.  As mentioned in my previous Tuesday Tidbits, I do not normally watch prime time television except for Monday nights.  That being said, how is it never get to actually watch Monday night TV on said night?  *sigh*  Oh yeah.  Because I like to watch them without interruptions.  So I just DVR and watch them the next day.  But come to think about it, that’s not entirely true either.  Because I usually end up pausing a program 3-4 times because of my own interruptions.  Oh well.  I guess it’s not really a problem if I’m the one causing the problem, right?  Yep,  that’s what I thought too.  Thanks.

3.  Not Really Tuesday.  I just realized, for you it’s probably Wednesday.  Or maybe not if you’re west of the Rockies.  But in my defense, it is still Tuesday on my computer screen.  (This danged time difference still gets me jacked up.)  For all intensive purposes, though,  happy Tuesday and happy Tuesday Tidbits!


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