Oh my word ya’ll.  Let me tell ya.  Mr. O and I had a little mini day date at the end of last week.  It was nice and long over due.

We had already made our minds up the day before what we wanted to do for our mini date.  After sampling some of Phoenix’s amazing food trucks a couple of weeks ago at the school, we knew we had to search out some more trucks.  So, after taking Little Bear to school Friday, we took our time getting ready for the day.  Then headed out to the Phoenix Public Market off Central and McKinley.

Because we got there about half way in, we decided to both eat from the same truck.  It cut down on waiting time and gave us the opportunity to sample a couple of dishes from the same vendor.

Check it out…

Spice It Up food truck

Spice It Up food truck was the main course.   They are an interesting mix on international cuisine.

Very eclectic.  I like it! haha

Cambodian Spiced Beef Curry with Cashews & Rice

This is what the Mr. had.  (It’s not a great picture. Sorry.  He was rushing me to eat it.)  I believe it was the Cambodian spiced beef curry with rice.  He seemed to really enjoy it.  I mean, there was nothing left of it! hehe

I did get to steal a bit before it was all gone though.  It wasn’t bad…for a beef dish.  I’m really not a huge fan of red meat.  But I do try to eat it.  This is absolutely nothing personal.  I would just rather have a veg or chicken dish.

And with that being said, this is what I had…

Greek Chicken Salad Wrap w/ Orzo

A Greek chicken salad wrap with fresh tomatoes, lettuce and scratch tzatziki sauce.  I also had a Greek orzo salad on the side.  My word, were they good.  The wrap was slightly warm from the juicy grilled chicken and cool from fresh veggies and cool herby tzatziki sauce.  Mmmm…

The picture does not show the massiveness of this meal.  But this was a priced fairly for the amount of food that was served.  And honestly, Mr. O and I both ate at the Spice It Up food truck for an extremely reasonable price: less that $20.  Wholly Mo Moley!  That’s a deal!

Despite the huge portion of my main course, I decided I needed dessert.  And to be fair, I didn’t finish my main course.  Cause I knew I wanted a little sweet ending. 🙂

Coconut Cream Pie-Mamma Toledos

Coconut Cream Pie: probably one of the most beloved dishes from my childhood.  This is the closest anyone has every came to my Mammaw’s coconut cream pie; coconut in the filling and all.  Now, it wasn’t exact.  But definitely way better than anything else I’ve had in the past 15 years.

Mamma Toledos

Mamma Toledo’s does a nice job of making your favorite – my favorite – pie a take with you mini pie.  It perfect to share…or not.  You decide.  Personally, I could eat a whole one if I wanted.

Coconut Cream Pie_mamma toledos

This was half way through.  I ended up leaving 2-3 bits at the end.  I could have eaten it all.  But I was feeling a little guilty full, so I stopped.  Point is…a whole pie is doable.  And if you didn’t just eat a huge wrap before hand, totally understandable.

Geez,  I’m getting hungry thinking about all this amazing delicious food.  I should make a point to track down a few more trucks.  Maybe another food truck Friday at the Phoenix Public Market.  (It really does make for a nice day.)

How about ya’ll?  Let’s go eat!

Tina | The Bourbon Cactus

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