Welcome to Tuesday Tidbits!  (Yay!)  So what is this?  Just my daily random thoughts, all on a Tuesday.  (Well, no.  To be honest, this is not a weeks worth of thoughts.  That would be way too much to put in one post. Yikes)  Don’t expect a coherent thought or even theme to Tuesday Tidbits, because it won’t happen.  I can promise you that.

Funny Story: when I was in high school all my friends always told me that I was completely random.  I would just be sitting there not saying a thing and then just blurt out something that had nothing to do about anything…just completely off topic.  (Not apart of today’s thoughts, just a semi relevant story.  You’re welcome.)

So anyway, here we go!

1.  I am a Monday night junkie.  I don’t normally watch PrimeTime TV, but Monday night is my JAM!  And it’s all because of the amazing fall series that land in one night.  It’s heaven. For real (or Pharrell, bahaha).  You don’t watch Monday night TV?  (Shame on you.)  You really should.  Get your comfy clothes on, grab your favorite drink, and watch Sleepy Hollow season 2, The Voice season 7, and The Blacklist season 2.  All of these series are A-MAY-ZING!  The only bad part is that they all kinda run into each other time wise, so I have to DVR them.  And I do record them all.  That way I can go back on Tuesday and just soak it all in…all by my lonesome, while everyone is at work or school.  Love it.  Oh, and the other show on my radar is the new FOX series GOTHAM.  Have you seen it?  I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet but I plan on catching up on it tomorrow.  There’s no time left in today’s queue: Tuesday’s are busy days.

2.  Band-Aid Woe’s.  (Or, adhesive bandages…I’m not prejudice.  If it sticks, it works.)  Why is it as an adult that I still cannot properly put on a band-aid?  I mean seriously.  I can get it out of the little paper wrapper just fine.  (I find many people struggle on that part.)  But when it comes to putting it on, I ALWAYS wrap it too tight.  ALWAYS!  *Ugh!*  I feel like a crazy woman when that happens.  And after I go through all the trouble of prepping the wound and getting the bandage out and on, I’m too exhausted to take it off and try again.  So the result is that I just deal with a purple, throbbing finger for the next who knows how long; usually until it comes off from washing my hands too much…which is generally just about a few hours.  Honestly, it’s frustrating.  A child could probably put on a band-aid better than me. *sigh*

3.  Dirty Dishes.  They are never ending!  I feel like all I do is wash dishes.  Am I alone here?  I can’t be.  I can do at least one load of dishes by hand daily, sometimes more, and one load every twos days with the dishwasher.  On the plus side though,  doing the dishes is generally a good way to get peace and quiet.  Seems strange how everyone goes missing when they hear the sink fill up and dishes starting to clank together.  Oh well.  I could use the quiet.

4.  Insomnia.  I can be dead dog tired all day long and then wide awake when I should be going to sleep.  Maybe my sleep schedule is still jacked up from the move?  Nah, can’t be.  Right?  It’s been three months now.  It’s just something weird in my system that says “You are getting very sleepy”  (like a hypnosis trick, in a Count Dracula sort of voice) then screams “Wake up!  Let’s party!” right before I pull back the sheets to get into bed.  (I really don’t think party.  It’s been years since I went to one of those.  But you get me.)  Oh well,  that’s life…that’s what all the people say.  (Sorry, I also randomly break out in song.)


So there ya have it.  Today’s Tuesday Tidbits!

Please feel free to share any random or like minded thoughts you have after reading this.  I’d love to know that I’m not alone..or so random.  🙂

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