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    My Journey through LIIFT4: Week 3

    Monday I am feeling super motivated today!  It’s crazy I actually look forward to getting up EARLY and working out! + + Workout + + chest/triceps – liift 50/50: I can tell I’m getting stronger.  I was able to go up in weights on my tricep kickbacks and chest flys.  But by the end of the set 2, on all the moves, I was really feeling it.   Nutrition breakfast: scrambled eggs with spinach and hot sauce, sprouted toast & butter snack: peaches and recover lunch:  greek yogurt with mixed berries, honey, and granola snack: warm spinach salad with brown rice, shredded chicken & evoo dinner: chicken salad salad, chicken salad sandwich, romaine supplements: energize, recover,…

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    Why local, raw honey?

    “Sugar pie, honey bunch You know that I love you I can’t help myself I love you and nobody else” -The Fourtops Okay, so I wouldn’t say that I only love honey.  But it’s dang tasty, y’all!  And if you’ve been on The Bourbon Cactus blog for any amount of time, you know that I am a BIG proponent of local, raw honey. But why local, raw honey you ask? Well….here’s the skinny on Why you should only be consuming local, raw honey.     Don’t hassle me, I’m local First off, let’s define what local honey actually means. Honey is considered local when it is harvested within 50 miles of where…

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    Worthy of Grace

    I sat this morning about to post a picture on social media of Doodlebug and myself after my daily workout. And I stopped myself. I stopped myself because I was unhappy with the way the photo looked.  “It’s not perfect,” I told myself.  “This is not worthy of Instagram and no one will “like” it,” I thought. What the heck!     I wasn’t being judgmental of my over cluttered fridge in the background or the fact that I have a small home and I have to exercise in the kitchen most days.  I was judging my appearance and the misconception that I had not worked hard enough, long enough,…

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    Raising Strong Women: Lead By Example

    I switched my workout time today from late evening to morning. This gave me the opportunity to talk to Doodlebug about why mommy makes time to exercise. As a toddler she may not always understand why this special time is important. So, I break it down and tell her mommy exercises so I feel better.  And I exercise so I’m able to spend much more time with her, sister & Dada in the future. She still tells me “no” sometimes. But I workout anyway. And, 9 times out of ten, she joins in at some point.     You know, I originally started my fitness journey for me.  But by…

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