Welcome Tuesday!  It’s Tuesday Tidbits!

1.  Reading Material.  My preferred reading material is a cookbook.  Yeah, that’s right.  I like to read cookbooks like novels.  It’s mystery, drama, science, and suspense all in one.  I wonder what people did back in the day; like back before recipes were written down.  (bahahahaha)  I know, I’m crazy.

2.  Cold Pizza.  I am obsessed with cold pizza.  There is absolutely nothing better than a deliciously cold slice for lunch.  Or better yet, BREAKFAST!

3.  I live on the Yellow Brick Road… or at least I should.  (I’m not crazy – at least this time – so, let me explain.)  I am very surprised that the road by my house is not the yellow brick road.  Why?  There are a bizarre number of yellow caterpillars that try to cross the road everyday.  And everyday they get smushed by passing cars.  It honestly freaked me out the first time I say the road moving – at least, that’s what it looked like.  Silly me thought that it was maybe something in the stone that they used when they poured the road that made it a yellow tint.  So yeah, I felt crazy when I thought the road was inching across the lanes to the median.  And that’s why I live, or should live, on the yellow brick road.

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