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    Worthy of Grace

    I sat this morning about to post a picture on social media of Doodlebug and myself after my daily workout. And I stopped myself. I stopped myself because I was unhappy with the way the photo looked.  “It’s not perfect,” I told myself.  “This is not worthy of Instagram and no one will “like” it,” I thought. What the heck!     I wasn’t being judgmental of my over cluttered fridge in the background or the fact that I have a small home and I have to exercise in the kitchen most days.  I was judging my appearance and the misconception that I had not worked hard enough, long enough,…

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    Raising Strong Women: Lead By Example

    I switched my workout time today from late evening to morning. This gave me the opportunity to talk to Doodlebug about why mommy makes time to exercise. As a toddler she may not always understand why this special time is important. So, I break it down and tell her mommy exercises so I feel better.  And I exercise so I’m able to spend much more time with her, sister & Dada in the future. She still tells me “no” sometimes. But I workout anyway. And, 9 times out of ten, she joins in at some point.     You know, I originally started my fitness journey for me.  But by…

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