We survived another surgery with Doodlebug.  Surgery number 4 to be exact.

Four surgeries in two and a half years.

*ugh*  It’s pretty exhausting.

Even the quick trips seem to drain all life from me.  And I know it’s rough on Doodlebug!  But she’s such a champ; every time she does amazing.

Doodlebug really is something special.  She’s 2 and I admire her bravery so much.  When she was in the NICU during her distractors, I came across a Shakespeare quote:

“And though she but little, she is fierce.”

This phrase encapsulates her so well.  Bless her heart!  She has been through so much and continues to face obstacles.  But by the grace of God does she faces each one with a warriors heart.

In my last update about Doodlebugs health, I mentioned that we would be having the superior portion of her adenoids taken out.  (You can see that post and video here.)  We are now a few weeks post surgery, so I wanted to give an update on how she’s doing and how surgery played out.  I went ahead and filmed another video for it since these topics tend to get a bit long.

Oh, before you hit play, a big “thank you!” to everyone that wished up luck and offered up prayers.  Doodlebug and the rest of our family appreciated it and really felt the love!


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