Another week down on my new found fitness love, Liift4.  I took a different approach this week to chronicle my journey.  I hope Y’all like it.

My nutrition is still up in the air in week 5.  I have still been keeping track of my containers.  I just haven’t been writing them down like I was because I am eating when I get hungry.  Which, technically, I am still following the timed-nutrition plan by eating this way because I seem to be eating every 2 hours.  But I decided that this week, instead of focusing on what time I eat, to focus on eating when I feel my body getting hungry or showing signs of hunger – like headaches and feeling tired.

As for the workouts, I am still really enjoying them!  That’s not to say that they are easy…because, by no means, are they easy!  But I like the way I feel during the workouts and after.  I feel stronger each day and I am more energized.

And guess what . . . this momma is starting to show muscles!!!! (woohoo!)


Here’s a look into week 5

*If you are ready to begin your own journey through LIIFT4 let me know and I will guide you through the process.


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