I’ve struggled for a long time now with how to introduce Doodlebug.  She has a very special story this girl; our second miracle baby.  (Little Bear was our first).



Mr. O and I tried for four years to get pregnant.  By the time it actually happened, we had given up.  I was convinced that Little Bear was going to be our only child.  I was grateful for her, but I desperately wanted to share my love with another little one.  Needless to say, I was beyond excited when I found out we were expecting again in May of 2016.

My first visit to the doctor to confirm the pregnancy had a big surprise.




Twins! (yikes)

I was beyond speechless.

I knew twins ran in our family and it was my generations turn to get a set.  But Lord have mercy.  I did not think it was going to be me.  Mr. O and I spent a month wrapping our heads around the fact that we were gaining two more mouths to feed instead of just one.

At around 14 weeks or so of gestation, I returned again to the doctor for a routine checkup.  (Evidently frequent visits are normal with multiple births.)  It was this visit that I got the news we had lost one of the babies.



I spent a majority of the remaining pregnancy worried that something would go wrong and I would loose baby 2 as well.




But God always has a plan for us.  Though we may not know his plans or the reasoning behind what happens.  His plan is perfect and it prepares us for what He does give us.




Turns out, we would have our hands full with Doodlebug from day one.





She is a cleft palate baby.  And we have had all the struggles that come with that: feedings, sleeping, etc.

It is common to get behind with feedings when you have a cleft palate baby because they have to learn how to feed with special devices.  Doodlebug was no different.  I tried my best for many days to feed her the best way I could.  Still she became too jaundiced and we had to extend our hospital stay.





After a little phototherapy, and a few tears because it’s hard seeing your little one laying there all alone, we were cleared to go home.





Our birth journey with Doodlebug was just beginning.  The next several months held doctor’s visit after doctor’s visit for her cleft palate.  We even ended up with a few surgeries and hospitalizations.  (But more on that another time.)



Now, Doodlebug is happy and relatively healthy.



She is such a blessing and I can’t wait to see where her story takes us.


Tina | The Bourbon Cactus

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