It has been a while, Y’all!  I mean seriously.  It has been, what seems like, forever since I shared what I’ve picked up for my planner.  So here is video of the supplies that I have picked up over the last couple of months.

I’ll be honest, a majority of the items that I picked up, like the pens and washi, I actually purchased at a surplus store.  Yes, Y’all!  Our local store actually gets lots of Target and office store items, so I try to remember to stop in every month or so to see what’s new.

The rest of the items, like the happy planner items and washi storage, came from Michael’s craft store.

This haul was heavy on the pens because I could not pass up the deal that I found of them.  What pens are your favorite to write with in your planner?  Or anytime?

Oooh, maybe I need to share what my favorite planner items and accessories are.  If that sounds like something that you’d like to see on here or on The Bourbon Cactus Youtube channel, let me know.

I will also be working on a post and Youtube video on why exactly I use a planner.  Because I know a lot of people think, “why don’t you just use your phone?”  So that will be coming soon.

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But anyway, here’s a look-see at my June planner supply haul!  Enjoy!




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