A few years ago I was at the grocery in Kentucky when I came upon one of the deli attendants serving up samples of some type of dip.  It was pale with variations of white, spotted with purple.  The dip was cheesy, creamy, pungent, and called Jarlsberg cheese dip.  With it’s holes, Jarlsberg cheese, may make you think Swiss.   But, in my opinion, it is far more complex with it’s a semi-soft nutty taste.

This wasn’t the first time I had sampled this dip.  No, I had actually had it once before at my in-laws house.  It was good.  So good that I had actually paid the outrageous $7 or so a container just to have some on a special occasion.

Something about tasting it in the middle of the deli that day made the think, “I should make this and quit spending the crazy money on the small plastic containers of it at the store.”

Well, I got smart and figured out how to make this amazing crack dip.  (I swear it really is addictive.)  Turns out Jarlsberg cheese dip is so incredibly easy to make.  And cheap.  Yes, even though the grocery sells it for about $5 or more a pound,  you can make it for less.  This is especially exciting for me when I have entertaining to do.  I can make a HUGE bowl of dip for about the cost of just the cheese itself.  Therefore feeding a big group for less.  And did I mention that it’s easy to make?  Yeah, I’m so serious.  Just take a look…


Jarlsberg Cheese Dip IngredientsThese three ingredients is all you need to make Jarlsberg cheese dip.  That simple.


wedge of Jarlsberg cheeseWhen you get out your wedge of Jarlsberg cheese, you will see a dark, thin, outer coating on part (or some, depending on the wedge size) of the cheese.  That’s just the waxy rind that protects the cheese while it’s aging.


removing the wax rind off the cheeseCut that off.  The wax is usually a pretty thin layer, but you want to weigh out the cheese after you remove this.  You need 8 oz.


grating cheeseUse a box grater or any other course grate to shred the cheese.  If you don’t have a kitchen scale to weigh your wedge of cheese, you will end up with about 2 cups after it’s shredded.


mix up all the ingredients You’ll throw the grated cheese, chopped onion, and mayo in a bowl and mix it all up.

Now you’re done.


 18 oz of Jarlsberg cheese dipSeriously.  You just made the creamy, nutty (crack-like) Jarlsberg cheese dip.

All that’s left if serving it up in a nice bowl with some of you favorite crackers.


dip with crackersI like my cheese dip with Sociables or buttery Ritz crackers.

If you make this for a get-together, don’t expect to have leftovers.  It will be gone!  No Joke.  I just threw some together for a little bbq Mr. O and I had.  I did have some left…but when I went to grab some for a snack a couple days later, it was gone.  (I think Mr. O had been snack packin’.)  Oh well, good news is that I can make it again: super quick and easy. 🙂


Jarlsberg Cheese Dip Recipe

Get the printable version Jarlsberg Cheese Dip


Try your hand at my rendition of Jarlsberg cheese dip.  Let me know what you think!

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