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    Classic Southern Deviled Eggs

    Deviled eggs are an absolute family favorite in our home.  But yet, for some reason, we only have them on holidays.  Even growing up I only remember having them on Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. I know, crazy, right!   It could be because those special days were such a big part of my childhood so I hold the memories extra close. And funny enough, for the longest time I wouldn’t even eat a hard boiled egg!  But man, I would devour a good deviled egg. There is just something about the bite of the firm egg white combined with the creamy, tangy yolk mixture.  *Mmmmmmm*  …

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    Pizza for Breakfast

    That’s right, I said it.  Pizza for breakfast.  Now I’m not talking about cold leftover pizza that’s been hanging out in the fridge.  Though, I do loooove a good cold pizza.  Ask anyone in my family and they will tell you that I am more of a fan of the cold stuff than a pie fresh out of the oven.  No, I’m talking about a pizza that’s just for breakfast.  Well, scratch that, this pizza is really so good I could eat it any time of the day.  But my point is, this not your typical pepperoni or even supreme pizza.  This breakfast pizza is loaded with some of those…

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    Quick & Easy Chicken Fried Rice

    One of the guilty pleasures in our family is take-out.  It’s quick: you can just call it in, run by and grab it.  And generally, it’s something that doesn’t taste the same if you were to make it at home; if you wanted to even attempt to fix it at home.  (Cause we all know that never turns our right.)  Plus, who even knows what’s in the stuff anyway. I, personally, have a few things that I love to eat when I have Asian.  One of which is fried rice; more specifically, chicken fried rice.  I would usually get this as a side to some other type of chicken dish.  But…

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    Berry Breakfast Smoothie

    For me, smoothies are my go-to meal replacement for breakfast.  They can be one of the healthiest and quickest options for breakfast there is.  You can load it up with all kinds of goodness…or not so good stuff.  You just gotta know what to do.  And I’ve seen all the pins and and recipes floating around the internet, ya’ll know what’s up. I was talking to my mom the other morning while I was drinking my breakfast.  She proceeded to tell me that she likes smoothies but just can’t have them for a meal.  “They just don’t stay with me,” she tells me.  And I began to think, “Why?”  Then…

  • Jarlsberg Cheese Dip with favorite crackers

    Jarlsberg Cheese Dip

    A few years ago I was at the grocery in Kentucky when I came upon one of the deli attendants serving up samples of some type of dip.  It was pale with variations of white, spotted with purple.  The dip was cheesy, creamy, pungent, and called Jarlsberg cheese dip.  With it’s holes, Jarlsberg cheese, may make you think Swiss.   But, in my opinion, it is far more complex with it’s a semi-soft nutty taste. This wasn’t the first time I had sampled this dip.  No, I had actually had it once before at my in-laws house.  It was good.  So good that I had actually paid the outrageous $7 or…

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