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    Plan With Me Weekly Spread: Sept 2018

    If you are a part of our Bourbon Cactus Instagram community, you know that I am an avid planner. Like, it’s really my jam.     So I thought I would share a weekly spread plan with me to show my process of decorative planning.  In this video, I am planning for the week of September 3-9th. Now, I am a white space planner – meaning I don’t sticker the entire page.  I find mini kits like the one I use in the video and the ones from Avalon and Ninth are great for giving me a decorative look without sacrificing all the function I get out of planning.  And if you…

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    June Planner Supply Haul

    It has been a while, Y’all!  I mean seriously.  It has been, what seems like, forever since I shared what I’ve picked up for my planner.  So here is video of the supplies that I have picked up over the last couple of months. I’ll be honest, a majority of the items that I picked up, like the pens and washi, I actually purchased at a surplus store.  Yes, Y’all!  Our local store actually gets lots of Target and office store items, so I try to remember to stop in every month or so to see what’s new. The rest of the items, like the happy planner items and washi…

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