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    Back 2 School Prep: Clothes Shopping

    School is right around the corner!  And I want to help get you “back to school cool” with this new Back 2 School Prep series.  In this first installment, we are going to tackle clothes shopping.  Preparing for back to school is often a stressful time of the year; budgets get blown with back to school shopping, meltdowns ensue, and everyone is spent by the end of the first hour. But this does not have to be the case!  With a little bit of preparation and battle plan, you can rock back to school clothes shopping like a boss.     Know Before You Go Before you set out on any shopping adventures, know…

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    My Journey Through LIIFT4: week 1

    I have embarked on a new journey in my fitness; weight lifting.  This past week I began a new program called LIIFT4 which is focused on heavy lifting with hiit and core work mixed in.  I have decided to chronical my journey for myself but, also, for you all!  See what I thought about my first week of the new program…   Monday AM THOUGHTS – As excited as I am to begin LIIFT4, I am extremely nervous about it, as well.  I’m not nervous about the lifting, I’m actually pretty ready for that part.  I want to start building muscles that I can see.  I’m really more nervous about…

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    Exercise: More Than Skinny

    Exercise is many things to many people.  Your reason for exercising may be completely different from the reason I workout.  And reasons and goals for embarking on a fitness journey changes, because a journey is never meant to be stagnant.  It’s a journey because it’s a lesson.  And while I originally wanted to lose weight when I started making my workouts a priority, it’s not the main reason I have continued on my path.     Recently Little Bear asked me, “Mom do you do your workout stuff to lose weight and be skinny?” *UGH!* Talk about a gut check! My automatic, quick response was, “No. I do it to…

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    Post Surgery Update

    We survived another surgery with Doodlebug.  Surgery number 4 to be exact. Four surgeries in two and a half years. *ugh*  It’s pretty exhausting. Even the quick trips seem to drain all life from me.  And I know it’s rough on Doodlebug!  But she’s such a champ; every time she does amazing. Doodlebug really is something special.  She’s 2 and I admire her bravery so much.  When she was in the NICU during her distractors, I came across a Shakespeare quote: “And though she but little, she is fierce.” This phrase encapsulates her so well.  Bless her heart!  She has been through so much and continues to face obstacles.  But by…

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    June Planner Supply Haul

    It has been a while, Y’all!  I mean seriously.  It has been, what seems like, forever since I shared what I’ve picked up for my planner.  So here is video of the supplies that I have picked up over the last couple of months. I’ll be honest, a majority of the items that I picked up, like the pens and washi, I actually purchased at a surplus store.  Yes, Y’all!  Our local store actually gets lots of Target and office store items, so I try to remember to stop in every month or so to see what’s new. The rest of the items, like the happy planner items and washi…

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