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    Writing for Mental Health, Pt 2

    Welcome back friend! As promised here is another installment of creative writing for May’s mental health month. These creative writings are a mental health coping strategy; my way of aiding you and me to effectively process mental health. Oh, and if you are new here, welcome home! You haven’t missed anything that can’t be caught up on. ūüėČ As I stated in my previous post, I find it difficult to effectively manage stress and/or my emotions at times. A good self-care routine is important for this very reason. And I have lots of aids in my toolbox of self-care: exercise, therapy, yoga, sleep, quiet time, etc.. But sometimes. . .…

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    Our New Reality

    Hi, Friend. How are you? Seriously, take a minute and check-in with yourself. How are you doing right now? At this point, the beginning of May, most of us have been in quarantine for a month or more. And a drastic change to our normal day-to-day is often difficult to handle, especially long term. But this is our new reality. Today, I’m good. But not every day is a good day even though not much has changed for me; I’m home, we go to the store once a week, and I’m somewhat used to having the kids home. (It’s almost like an extended spring break or summer break.) Truth is,…

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    My Journey Through LIIFT4: Week 5

    Another week down on my new found fitness love, Liift4.¬† I took a different approach this week to chronicle¬†my journey.¬† I hope Y’all like it. My nutrition is still up in the air in week 5.¬† I have still been keeping track of my containers.¬† I just haven’t been writing them down like I was because I am eating when I get hungry.¬† Which, technically, I am still following the timed-nutrition plan by eating this way because¬†I seem to be eating every 2 hours.¬† But I decided that this week, instead of focusing on what time I eat, to focus on eating when I feel my body getting hungry or…

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    My Journey through LIIFT4: Week 3

    Monday I am feeling super motivated today!¬† It’s crazy I actually look forward to getting up EARLY and working out! + + Workout + + chest/triceps – liift 50/50:¬†I can tell I’m getting stronger.¬† I was able to go up in weights on my tricep kickbacks and chest flys.¬† But by the end of the set 2, on all the moves, I was really feeling it.   Nutrition breakfast:¬†scrambled eggs with spinach and hot sauce, sprouted toast & butter snack:¬†peaches and recover lunch:¬†¬†greek yogurt with mixed berries, honey, and granola snack: warm spinach salad with brown rice, shredded chicken & evoo dinner:¬†chicken salad salad, chicken salad sandwich, romaine supplements:¬†energize, recover,…

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    My Journey Through LIIFT4: Week 2

    Monday AM THOUGHTS-¬†5:30 rolled around quick….*ugh*….snooze it is.¬† I was really tempted to just sleep till Doodlebug woke me up.¬† But I knew I’d be upset with myself if I didn’t get up and get my workout in like I had wanted to.¬† After a few snoozes, I finally rolled out of the bed and got going. + Workout Thoughts +¬† chest/triceps – circuit:¬†¬†Considering I had a rough time getting out of the bed this morning, I was happy to find out that today’s workout was a circuit, giving me a little extra time to wake up.¬† I also pushed harder with heavier weights today using 10 to 12-pounds on…

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