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    Non-Candy Valentines

    As I go through the mound of sugary sweets that Little Bear inherited over the course of Valentine’s Day week, I am filled with anxiety.  I try so hard to teach my daughter moderation in all things, especially sweets. And this time of year makes this task extremely difficult. Now, I am all for deserts and sweet treats.  It is the long lost food group in my opinion.  However, I don’t sit and eat cakes, candies, and other various sweets all day or even every day.  You can have all these things – in moderation.  But when you give a child a sack full of chocolates, suckers, sour candies, and…

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    “Boo” Button Pumpkin

    I’ve been a busy bee the past 3 weeks working on new projects.  Some of which have been Halloween/Fall themed.  And as I promised last time, here is one of the finished Halloween projects. Whatever the holiday, we try to decorate for it in my family.  For Little Bear, it let’s her know there is something different around the season or time of year.  And she looks forward to seeing what I come up with for decorations.  For Mr. O, he likes the home feeling, well, like a home.  As for me, I just enjoy knowing that everyone else appreciates and looks forward to it all.  So each year, I…

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    This is the lamp in my living room. You may be thinking, “It’s not that bad”.  But it is.  Oh, but it is.   It’s one of those cheap resin-type lamps and the “paint” is chipping off.   Yes, I did say this was in my living room.  Don’t judge me.  I usually turn the base around so this doesn’t show as much.  It makes me feel not so bad.  (I said don’t judge.)   Confession:  I have had this lamp for 10 years and it has looked like this for probably at least 6 years.  It’s sad, I know.  I have had it so long that when I packed…

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    Bathroom Dress-Up

    It’s been just about two months since we’ve moved into our apartment here in Arizona.  And I am so ready to be settled.  But it just takes time; especially when you have moved about 2,000 miles cross country only a few short months prior. It takes time to find a place for everything. It takes time to figure out what everything was packed into. And frankly, it takes time to gather the motivation to get it all done. So, my plan is to just work at it a little at a time; and this week’s goal, Little Bear’s bathroom.  My decision to start with this room was partly because it…

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