For me, smoothies are my go-to meal replacement for breakfast.  They can be one of the healthiest and quickest options for breakfast there is.  You can load it up with all kinds of goodness…or not so good stuff.  You just gotta know what to do.  And I’ve seen all the pins and and recipes floating around the internet, ya’ll know what’s up.

berry breakfast smoothie

I was talking to my mom the other morning while I was drinking my breakfast.  She proceeded to tell me that she likes smoothies but just can’t have them for a meal.  “They just don’t stay with me,” she tells me.  And I began to think, “Why?”  Then it occurred to me that not everyone knows how to give their drink substance.  You can pack all the vitamins and nutrients into a smoothie you can.  But if you are hungry just an hour or so later then when purpose did that meal serve you?

My trick for a stick-to-your-ribs smoothie is oats.  That simple.  Adding organic old-fashioned rolled oats to any smoothie will guarantee a longing lasting, satisfying meal.

And to beef up the health benefits of my smoothie even more, I also sweeten with honey.  Because I do sufferer from occasional seasonal allergies, I choose a local raw honey.  This helps put in my system what makes it sick.  Therefore, I can work at developing an immunity to all those blooming plants that cause horrible sinus issues.  Plus, unprocessed honey is a healthier sugar option.


spoonful of honeyThis is the honey I have been using lately.  It’s harvest just right down the road from where we live so it’s a excellent choice for allergy treatment.  The color is a nice deep gold.  And the taste is smooth and rich.  If you live the north valley, give The “Green” Bee Honey Company a try.


Besides honey, I always start my smoothies with organic 2% milk and one frozen banana.  (Both ingredients help sweeten naturally.)

**Tip:  Use your over ripe bananas for smoothies.  You probably won’t be eating these too soft bananas anyway.  (At least, I won’t.  It’s a texture thing.)  So just peel them and wrap each one tightly in plastic wrap.  Place in a zip-top bag and store in the freezer.

I like to use frozen fruit for smoothies because there is nothing worse than a watered down mess for breakfast.  So in addition to my frozen banana, I use frozen mixed berries.  Using fruit from the freezer is often a cheaper than fresh, too.

all the ingredients in the blenderI throw all my ingredients in the blender in no special order, really.  Just make sure the milk goes in first.  It helps everything blend up a little easier.


blend it upI use my Vitamix to make quick work of my Berry Breakfast Smoothie.  (Even if you just make juices or smoothies, these machines are totally worth the investment.)


serve in a glassAnd in less than 30 seconds, I’m pouring up a delicious, healthy breakfast.


berry breakfast smoothie_topMmmmmmm…..

Berry Smoothie | The Bourbon Cactus {}

My berry breakfast smoothie is my #1 choice for a smoothie and serves as a base for all kinds of other add-ins I might want.  Start with this recipe and when you get adventuresome, go exploring with extra options.


Berry Breakfast Smoothie

Get the printable version here:  Berry Breakfast Smoothie



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