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    Food Truck Thursday: March

    I tell ya,  I am never disappointed with the cuisine at Food Truck Thursday.  This month we had about four trucks at Little Bear’s school.  And just like last time, we sampled more than one menu. Little Bear was adamant about getting a corn dog again when she saw “the rooster truck”.  But because this is the same thing she had last month, I wanted her to try something new.  Well, this didn’t take much persuading when I read the menu off for her at Saffron JAK. Saffron JAK offers a simple gourmet twist on America’s favorite – pizza.  Little Bear got the plain pep.  Which as you can see,…

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    Berry Breakfast Smoothie

    For me, smoothies are my go-to meal replacement for breakfast.  They can be one of the healthiest and quickest options for breakfast there is.  You can load it up with all kinds of goodness…or not so good stuff.  You just gotta know what to do.  And I’ve seen all the pins and and recipes floating around the internet, ya’ll know what’s up. I was talking to my mom the other morning while I was drinking my breakfast.  She proceeded to tell me that she likes smoothies but just can’t have them for a meal.  “They just don’t stay with me,” she tells me.  And I began to think, “Why?”  Then…

  • Jarlsberg Cheese Dip with favorite crackers

    Jarlsberg Cheese Dip

    A few years ago I was at the grocery in Kentucky when I came upon one of the deli attendants serving up samples of some type of dip.  It was pale with variations of white, spotted with purple.  The dip was cheesy, creamy, pungent, and called Jarlsberg cheese dip.  With it’s holes, Jarlsberg cheese, may make you think Swiss.   But, in my opinion, it is far more complex with it’s a semi-soft nutty taste. This wasn’t the first time I had sampled this dip.  No, I had actually had it once before at my in-laws house.  It was good.  So good that I had actually paid the outrageous $7 or…

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    “The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash”

    I mentioned earlier in the week that I signed up to be a mystery reader in Little Bear’s class for Read Across America week .  The book to be read was left up to the reader.  So the first half of this week was spent researching the perfect book to read a-loud.  I wanted something silly & fun but an interesting story line and illustrations. As a mystery reader – and a mom – I thought it would be nice to get a new book to read to the class.  I knew that there would be a slim chance that I picked out a book none of the the kids had…

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    Read Across America

    If you don’t have kids you may not know that this week is special.  But this whole week is Read Across America week.  It coincides with Dr. Seuss’s birthday – probably the single most influential author of all time.  Think about it.  Adults and kids alike know and love Dr. Seuss books.  “Green Eggs and Ham” ring a bell?  How about “Cat in the Hat”?  “Oh the Places You Will Go!”  (I know that after at least one of those you started sighting from memory your most loved quotes.) Like many other schools in the U.S. this week, Little Bear’s school is celebrating.  Each grade level is doing something different…

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