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    Memorial Day: Remembering the Fallen

    I feel like as a nation, we’ve become pretty numb to the true meaning of  Memorial Day.  It’s not just a holiday that the kids get out of school for, or a holiday that gets us a long weekend away from work.  But, in fact, Memorial Day is a day designated to remember the fallen service men and women of our country. Yes, it is fun to plan barbeques and get-togethers where we gather with friends and family for three days.  But are we missing the true meaning of this national holiday?     When I was young, my entire family would plan a weekend of remembrance for Memorial Day. …

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    Home for the Holiday

    The past week and a half has been crazy busy for our family.  Mr. O has been finishing up two college classes, one campus course and one online course, on top of working.  He’s a great man.  I really admire him for working fulltime and going to college fulltime all while taking care of his little family.  (Shhh!  Don’t let him know.  I can’t let him get a big head. Haha!  I’m just kidding.  I do remind him from time to time of the good job he does.)  Sorry, tangent.  Anyway.  Little Bear has been preparing for extra special holiday dance performances: The Nutcracker Suite and the Holiday Magic performance. …

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