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    Food Truck Thursday

    I am continually impressed with Little Bear’s school.  As a whole, they are amazing.  Especially in the fact that they try to include the community in events going on at the school.  What does this have to do with food trucks?  Well, they have begun a tradition of Food Truck Thursday.  One Thursday a month the school will host a group of various food trucks.  The school and the whole surrounding community are invited to come down and experience some the fine food available at these trucks.  In return, the trucks give a portion of their sales for the evening to the school.  Amazing, right?!  We get the opportunity to…

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    Non-Candy Valentines

    As I go through the mound of sugary sweets that Little Bear inherited over the course of Valentine’s Day week, I am filled with anxiety.  I try so hard to teach my daughter moderation in all things, especially sweets. And this time of year makes this task extremely difficult. Now, I am all for deserts and sweet treats.  It is the long lost food group in my opinion.  However, I don’t sit and eat cakes, candies, and other various sweets all day or even every day.  You can have all these things – in moderation.  But when you give a child a sack full of chocolates, suckers, sour candies, and…

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    Home for the Holiday

    The past week and a half has been crazy busy for our family.  Mr. O has been finishing up two college classes, one campus course and one online course, on top of working.  He’s a great man.  I really admire him for working fulltime and going to college fulltime all while taking care of his little family.  (Shhh!  Don’t let him know.  I can’t let him get a big head. Haha!  I’m just kidding.  I do remind him from time to time of the good job he does.)  Sorry, tangent.  Anyway.  Little Bear has been preparing for extra special holiday dance performances: The Nutcracker Suite and the Holiday Magic performance. …

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    Saturday Night Blues

    It’s 8:30 on a Saturday night and I am lost.  Figuratively speaking.  Mr. O is on a camping trip with the guys and Little Bear is snug in her bed.  I don’t know what to do with myself.  Any other time I would just see this as prime opportunity to soak in a nice relaxing bath.  But shoot…I’ve already done that too!  *sigh* I guess I could always get a good night’s sleep.  But that’s so boring. HAHA!  Not that I couldn’t use the rest after the week I’ve had.  (BTW, sorry about being MIA this week.  I promise some nice goodies this coming week.)  With Halloween falling on a…

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    “Boo” Button Pumpkin

    I’ve been a busy bee the past 3 weeks working on new projects.  Some of which have been Halloween/Fall themed.  And as I promised last time, here is one of the finished Halloween projects. Whatever the holiday, we try to decorate for it in my family.  For Little Bear, it let’s her know there is something different around the season or time of year.  And she looks forward to seeing what I come up with for decorations.  For Mr. O, he likes the home feeling, well, like a home.  As for me, I just enjoy knowing that everyone else appreciates and looks forward to it all.  So each year, I…

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