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    Slow Cooker Carnitas

    We love Mexican food in our house.  I am positive we could eat it breakfast, lunch, and dinner (because we have).  And it’s probably one of the biggest things we miss from living in Phoenix.  So, of course, we’ve had to get our fix somehow – and I like Mississippi and all, but I’ve yet to find a praiseworthy taco.  That’s why I started making slow cooker carnitas. One of Mr. O’s taco favs was always carnitas – which just means little bits of pork.  So it was imperative that this delicious shredded pork was one of the first dishes I had to recreate. Every restaurant in Arizona would have their own take…

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    Classic Southern Deviled Eggs

    Deviled eggs are an absolute family favorite in our home.  But yet, for some reason, we only have them on holidays.  Even growing up I only remember having them on Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. I know, crazy, right!   It could be because those special days were such a big part of my childhood so I hold the memories extra close. And funny enough, for the longest time I wouldn’t even eat a hard boiled egg!  But man, I would devour a good deviled egg. There is just something about the bite of the firm egg white combined with the creamy, tangy yolk mixture.  *Mmmmmmm*  …

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