“The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash”

I mentioned earlier in the week that I signed up to be a mystery reader in Little Bear’s class for Read Across America week .  The book to be read was left up to the reader.  So the first half of this week was spent researching the perfect book to read a-loud.  I wanted something silly […]

Read Across America

If you don’t have kids you may not know that this week is special.  But this whole week is Read Across America week.  It coincides with Dr. Seuss’s birthday – probably the single most influential author of all time.  Think about it.  Adults and kids alike know and love Dr. Seuss books.  “Green Eggs and […]

Home for the Holiday

The past week and a half has been crazy busy for our family.  Mr. O has been finishing up two college classes, one campus course and one online course, on top of working.  He’s a great man.  I really admire him for working fulltime and going to college fulltime all while taking care of his […]

Guiltless Indulgence

I admit it.  I finally broke down and gave into the ooey gooey, carb loaded, processed wonder known as cinnamon rolls. It’s been probably 2 years since I’ve cracked open a package of these sweet babies.  And I am long overdue for some guiltless indulgence on this chilly Friday morning. Until next time… Tina

Saturday Night Blues

It’s 8:30 on a Saturday night and I am lost.  Figuratively speaking.  Mr. O is on a camping trip with the guys and Little Bear is snug in her bed.  I don’t know what to do with myself.  Any other time I would just see this as prime opportunity to soak in a nice relaxing […]