Chicken Fried Rice

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn One of the guilty pleasures in our family is take-out.  It’s quick: you can just call it in, run by and grab it.  And generally, it’s something that doesn’t taste the same if you were to make it at home; if you wanted to even attempt to fix it at home. […]

Berry Breakfast Smoothie

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn For me, smoothies are my go-to meal replacement for breakfast.  They can be one of the healthiest and quickest options for breakfast there is.  You can load it up with all kinds of goodness…or not so good stuff.  You just gotta know what to do.  And I’ve seen all the pins […]

Jarlsberg Cheese Dip with favorite crackers

Jarlsberg Cheese Dip

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn A few years ago I was at the grocery in Kentucky when I came upon one of the deli attendants serving up samples of some type of dip.  It was pale with variations of white, spotted with purple.  The dip was cheesy, creamy, pungent, and called Jarlsberg cheese dip.  With it’s […]

Spinach Walnut Pesto

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn We are almost through January of this new year.  (Heeello 2015!  Are you over yet?) Are you still on that health kick you promised yourself? I bet you went out at the beginning of the month and stocked up on all the good for you vegges that you could, didn’t you? […]