I’m Tina, The Bourbon Cactus.  I’m currently a stay-at-home-mom and wife after being in the health/wellness and beauty field for almost 9 years as licensed massage therapist.

I’m a huge fan of music and can relate most conversations to a song.  (I feel like it’s a gift but the hubs considers it a curse. LOL!)

I’m a believer in personal growth and I love to learn new things.  I seriously would be a student for my whole life it it weren’t for the homework.  (yuck!)  That being said, I am constantly looking for new opportunities to learn anything and everything I can.  My favorite life subjects are food, movies – because everyone needs a good movie reference – crafts, and healthy living.  Yes, I just said food and healthy in the same sentence.  And no, I do not condone leaving out the butter.  I very much like to eat healthy and live well, all while holding on to a little bit of my raising.  (It’s all about balance, y’all.)

I am proud to say that I was born and raised in the beautiful Bluegrass state of Kentucky.  And to be more specific, the south eastern part of the state; you know…Appalachia.

Mr. O and I have been blessed with two amazing little girls.  Little Bear and Doodlebug are very special to us.  Both girls where surprise pregnancies and both were challenging babies due to birth defects.  We are managing though, and loving life along the way.

Our little family has lived many places: Kentucky, Arizona, and Mississippi.  Each move has grown us individually and pulled us closer together.

The Bourbon Cactus is my way of keeping grounded and keeping track of our families new adventures. So, please, take the time to look around a little. I’ll share recipes -some tried & true back home favorites & some new- crafts & DIY projects, and just general happenings of my life as mommy and wife.