Tuesday Tidbits

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Welcome to Tuesday Tidbits!  (Yay!)  So what is this?  Just my daily random thoughts, all on a Tuesday.  (Well, no.  To be honest, this is not a weeks worth of thoughts.  That would be way too much to put in one post. Yikes)  Don’t expect a coherent thought or even theme to […]


Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn This is the lamp in my living room. You may be thinking, “It’s not that bad”.  But it is.  Oh, but it is.   It’s one of those cheap resin-type lamps and the “paint” is chipping off.   Yes, I did say this was in my living room.  Don’t judge me. […]

Bathroom Dress-Up

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn It’s been just about two months since we’ve moved into our apartment here in Arizona.  And I am so ready to be settled.  But it just takes time; especially when you have moved about 2,000 miles cross country only a few short months prior. It takes time to find a place […]