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    Healthy Halloween Treat: Candy Corn Parfait

    Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan This post contains affilate links. Read disclosure and pivacy policies for more info. Parties, treats, fun food, decorations; every year I have a goal to shower my kids with all the fun of the Halloween season. I love celebrating holidays with special foods and treats but I also want to feel good about what I serve my family.  They get enough sugary treats at school and dance throughout the month of October.  We need healthy Halloween treats. And while I know this is not an everyday thing, it’s important for me to show my children that it is possible to have fun and celebrate Halloween all while…

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    Writing for Mental Health, Pt 2

    Welcome back friend! As promised here is another installment of creative writing for May’s mental health month. These creative writings are a mental health coping strategy; my way of aiding you and me to effectively process mental health. Oh, and if you are new here, welcome home! You haven’t missed anything that can’t be caught up on. 😉 As I stated in my previous post, I find it difficult to effectively manage stress and/or my emotions at times. A good self-care routine is important for this very reason. And I have lots of aids in my toolbox of self-care: exercise, therapy, yoga, sleep, quiet time, etc.. But sometimes. . .…

  • processing our new reality during covid-19 and how to care for your mental health
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    Our New Reality

    Hi, Friend. How are you? Seriously, take a minute and check-in with yourself. How are you doing right now? At this point, the beginning of May, most of us have been in quarantine for a month or more. And a drastic change to our normal day-to-day is often difficult to handle, especially long term. But this is our new reality. Today, I’m good. But not every day is a good day even though not much has changed for me; I’m home, we go to the store once a week, and I’m somewhat used to having the kids home. (It’s almost like an extended spring break or summer break.) Truth is,…

  • Tropical and refreshing pina colada parfait

    Piña Colada Parfait

    This healthy piña colada parfait came about by accident. It was last summer. I was finishing up lunches for the girls when I realized we had overbought pineapple. I was going to have to either use it quickly or throw it out. And I hate throwing out food! I hadn’t eaten lunch yet so I started tossing together pineapple with some odds and ends in my yogurt bowl – a typical summer meal for me. Oh My Lanta! One bite and I was transported to a white sandy beach sipping an icy cold drink. Pure heaven! The cool tangy yogurt pairs beautifully with the sweetness of the banana and semi-tart…

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    Earth Day Must-Haves 2020

    Happy Earth Day friend! I hope you are your family are well and finding ways to celebrate and enjoy our planet a little more today. I don’t know about you, but for me, it seems like Earth Day is this big wake up call to do better and be better for our environment. Which is what it should be! But sadly, it seems 90% of those promises we made when the world was talking about saving the planet are forgotten the next day. So for Earth Day 2020, I want to make moves to truly benefit the environment for the 364 days till the next celebration. For our family that…

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